Are You Like Peter?

    I was thinking about Peter in the Bible and how many times I’ve been just like him. What do I mean? I’m speaking about when Jesus was telling the disciples that they would all leave Him in a little while. What does Peter say, in my own words, Oh no Lord, Not me! Even if I have to be crucified too, I’m not leaving! Jesus tells Peter, Before the rooster crows this morning you will deny Me 3 times. What then does Peter say? Does he ask the Lord to help him? Nope. Does he ask the Lord to forgive him? No. Instead Peter corrects God saying, No not me! I don’t think Peter was trying to be disrespectful or call Jesus a lier, I think Peter had let his mouth overload his behind. I don’t think Jesus was mad with or like we do when we get frustrated with someone, suck our teeth!
    Jesus knew how much Peter wanted what he was saying to be true, how wholeheartedly Peter believed he knew what he would do. It’s like this with us, I better say with me because I don’t know you. In your mind right now go back to that night in that garden and you take Peter’s place there beside the Christ Jesus. If you knew what you know about yourself now standing there, what would you say when Jesus looked at you and said, You will all leave me. ?
    Have all of us not done the same thing at some point in our walk with Christ, if you are like me it’s been many times.


2 thoughts on “Are You Like Peter?

  1. I too have been like Peter, especially in the past (you know my past). Today, I am stronger. I still fear that I might deny Him and am afraid at times that I might fail at being a Christian, but if the Lord can love the most devoted of followers, who later denied Him, then He can love me too and my failures.


    1. You are right, Jesus did love Peter after he denied Christ. I will go a step further, and can say with assurance that Jesus knew beforehand what Peter was going to do! Christ loved Peter before, during & after his denial. We know this to be true because Jesus told Peter what he was going to do and we know He loved Peter before his denial by the fact that Jesus told Peter that He had prayed for him that God would not let Peter be defeated by this, then goes on to instruct Peter to strengthen the others when he came through! Makes me want to sing that song, ” What a lovely name the name of Jesus… “

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