Astounding Hate

I happened across this video on Youtube and am shocked,  astounded and repulsed by what I heard and saw.
I urge everyone to watch this abominable video all the way through. If you have ever found it baffling that Christians are designated as hatefuI, judgemental people. If you thought you grasped the meaning of, “And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. ” (2 Peter 2: 2) may I contend that after watching this video, you like me, will confess that you could not fathom the true depth of the abyss.  I “pushed a pencil” and sent my testimony, although I don’t know yet exactly why, to their email. If you wish to contact these beings, here is the link to their website :

I truly am unable to conciliate their asinine interpretation of any Bible passages, phrases, or words that would or could be examined and found to parallel the Christ in my Bible.  It leads me ratiocinate that they suffers of a most malicious  and virulent brain abnormality more sinister than lucid bigotry.