God is not confusing !

The confusion lies in this one thing, humans misunderstand the relationship that is experienced by the redeemed and Christ. A great example is what you quoted, “A loving god wouldn’t ask people he created to turn away from themselves and to supress aspects of their natural desires.” This is very easy to clear up! God gives us life not our lives, He doesn’t give us desires, attractions, or our personalities. Those are things that we develop through experiences, our “natural” thoughts, and are shaped by the fact that we are born under original sin! The fruit that was eaten by Adam & Eve came from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, this inturn gave us free-will. We then could choose for ourselves the pathes that we would take.
Now we delve into “self-denial”, and if you want to really make a person fighting mad, qoute Jesus when He said Let those that would come after me, deny self and take up their cross daily and follow Me. What you must know is that yiu have your “flesh” (that is your emotions, your desires that maje your body feel good. Ex. The party on Saturday night, the few drinks or perhaps a drug, dancing, sex with another guy or girl, telling off that salesclerk, etc.) Those were not given to you by a Holy God. 
I will tell you something that everyone should take to heart, because it’s a realization that opens up reality. THIS PLANET, THIS TIME, THIS LIFE IS JUST A KIND OF PASSING THROUGH PLACE!!! Judt on up a little futher is Eternity.
Our lives here we show God if we choose Him or ourselves You see, God really wants us to choose Him over anything else! He loves us, but He will never force or brainwash us into loving Him. It’s our CHOICE! What is wonderful is that when we are saved and desire to learn, experience, acquire knowledge and become closer to Him, He shares His joy, peace, love, contentment, understanding, and Spirit with us. It is not God’s desire to scare us or demand constant work on anyone. In a final thought we can never work our way into heaven, Scripture is clear that FAITH is God’s currency .