Salvation is God’s Job 


Does the Scriptures not teach us, “Be not unequally yoke with the unbeliever”? The job of the Christian is not calling people to repentance this is Christ’s job, do you disagree? Did you hang on a cross? Did you take on your back the sins of the world? Jesus made clear, “no man cometh to me except the Father call him first”, we cannot save people or cause conviction to come upon their hearts! 

Yes, I have felt abandoned and lonely and exiled by churches, but I have also found that this was a lesson that God the father was teaching me. That we  are to strive to be close to Him, not the people of the church or the community. You are correct Matt in explaining to those who argue the excuse against God wanting them to be alone, that being single does not mean being alone. Often times we find that it’s not the singleness, or the not having the relationship that matters, it’s not having sex that is the tipping point! As many people that wish can respond with every rant, rhetoric, philippic, trade, bluster, and clamor that will satisfy their emotional outrage, but it will still be a fact! Christ was clear that our mission is to spread the gospel and to reflect in our lives the life that He led. If a single person, since that’s the subject where on, determines in themselves to involve themselves and their lifes with gaining a closeness to God, being led by Christ Jesus and being close to Him there will not be as much loneliness.

 Yes, there will be times of loneliness, but not as many. One thing we must also steer clear away from is not try to see God romantically, as many of Christian music today does. One person said that they could sing the song to their lover! God is not to be a romantic interest for any person we must learn that we are His servants His children. The church is and has been getting more and more like the world, but know that the Body of Christ is still the same as it was from the beginning and will remain so until we become the bride of Christ. 

These are perilous times that surround us and it’s going to take the FULL ARMOR OF CHRIST, to make it. Jesus said, “If those days where not shortened, the very elect would be deceived.”