Talk to me Lord!

While reading Matt Moore’s blog the Holy Ghost whispered to me something that I never thought about. He whispered, “Jesus did not hunt (for sport) like people today. Christ was called names and despised because He was different, but the Lord was not come to impress nor give in to social norms for the sake of being liked. The Word Jesus was made flesh and His focus was entirely on doing the Father’s will. Jesus was here to save the lost and lead the way to salvation. ”
My thoughts are that if Jesus would have come in this time for the first time; He may have been called faggot, queer, strange, etc. But I don’t imagine He would have even tried to convince those foolish people that, in truth serve the devil, ( we call them The World). His goal would be the same as it was before. Would the name calling have hurt Jesus? Yes, I’m sure it would have,! It did before but not for the selfish reason of appearance, but He hurt because of the unwillingness of people to repent and be saved! One last thing. Jesus told us that if we would follow Him then we were going to be hated, despised, called names and even killed for His Name’s Sake! Realize!! This was done to the most powerful Almighty Son of the Most High God! Why should we believe we deserve better treatment than Him? While we are ridiculed for believing on and loving Him, we deserve a lot worse punishment for being the hateful, destructive, arrogant, self-centered beings that we are.
Remember the only way is through Christ! Today has Salvation come to the people of God, do not turn away from this perfect prize, bought and offered to us over 2000 yrs ago on a cross where Royality gave His life as payment. Call on the name Jesus! He WILL HEAR YOU! Repent and offer Him your soul, mind and body (which He gave to you). Ask Him to wash you in His priceless Blood and come and live in you to be your savior, your Lord, your God, your guide and your friend. He is waiting!