It’s funny how and when The Lord chooses to open our eyes about something that we may not even have on our minds! For example, today while doing a little cleaning “Evolution” comes to my mind and right along with that God says, “ If evolution were true then why did it stop? It’s a fact, according to science that it is a long process, and not all at once for everything in the process. Therefore, if we had really evolved from Apes then  some Apes would be further along than others. Why is it not still happening today? Why don’t we see some Apes that are walking around, others beginning to learn to speak maybe even some looking for jobs?  Some would be a one point while others are at another, but we see nothing like this! In the 5000 and some odd years that the Earth has been here NOTHING HAS EVOLVED AT ALL! No more Apes have become human or even shed their fur. All ducks of a species look alike, we don’t see a duck with feathers, webbed feet and the long neck of a dinosaur! Ask a believer in Evolution to show you something in the process of evolving, they will look at you like you are crazy! The problem is that they can’t and this little fact breaks the main rule of Science, “It must be observable!”