Gays, You were born that way?

This is excerpt from a few messages by Dr. Joseph Chambers the minister at PawCreek Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.
“Nothing is so unfair to a homosexual man or lesbian woman than to say to them, “You were made that way.” To suggest such is to remove all hope of change. The average lifespan of a male homosexual, if he does not contract AIDS, is 43 years. If he does, that is reduced to 39.(Family research Institute.) Does the Heavenly Father supposedly create a class of individuals with that kind of reduced life expectancy? To teach such is to breed despair and gloom, and to suggest that homosexuals and lesbians are second-class citizens.”
However, “the marriage of a man and a woman is a type of figure of the Marriage of the Lamb and His Bride. We must understand that same-sex marriage is an attack on this earthly Sacrament also. Those who claim the right of calling the immoral union of two men or two women a “marriage” blasphemes every husband and wife. Same-sex marriage is not just a Sin; it is an abomination preserved for the ultimate judgment of God. By the Holy Ghost, apostle Paul said, “Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers (male prostitutes, especially homosexual prostitutes) and adulterers God will judge.” (Hebrews 13:4) No experience of human flesh is more sacred than marriage. The first institution that God established to satisfy the deep longing of a man was his union with woman. God intended that we feel His world with a multitude to love and serve Him.”
“Satan is on a rampage to defiled the family of humankind and the future family of the redeemed. There is no fear that he will succeed, but he will turn this world into a wilderness one more time. The processes all of his debauchery has begun and this will be his final fling. Before we deal with the glory of the future Marriage of the Lamb, we must view the world wide homosexual brothel that Satan is planning. I do not believe that there is any question but that the antichrist will be a homosexual. The world is literally hell-bent on making the sodomite lifestyle the order of the day.
Anyone that refuses to call this lifestyle okay is attacked with ferocity. Sodomites are thrilled to destroy any institution that stands in their way. Their motives and methods cannot be called anything but demonic. It will become a crime to open your mouth to disagree with them. If there is any doubt look at where we are today. You can go to jail and many parts of our country for calling homosexuality a sin. Same-sex immorality, and especially same-sex marriage, is Satan’s darkest imitation.The battle now is to legalize same-sex marriage and to raise the sodomite community to represent the dominant characteristics of mankind. Those that oppose this development will be hated until the rapture and those that missed the rapture will be hunted and destroyed.” Dr. Chambers says, “I believe that the antichrist will seek to cleanse the earth of heterosexual conduct after he gains worldwide control. The Biblical family will be outlawed for 7 dark years.” The Churches, Temples, Mosques, and Synagogues of the world will all become sodomized institutes ruled by prostitutes of this new faith. We have already learned that at least half of the Catholic priest of this world wide religion are Homosexuals.”
“Now the Episcopalians have made the transition to electing an openly gay bishop. For a long time, they have allowed sodomites to serve as priests and become members of their churches. Other denominations are quickly following the same pattern. Bible-believing churches our daily becoming more impossible to find. It will get worse as we await our Lord’s return.”
The person putting this all together for you is not someone who is unfamiliar with the feelings, desires, etc. of the homosexual. I was gay for 36 years until God, Himself willed me to be healed. When I was still gay I would have been infuriated by this message, especially from someone who used to be gay, as I’m sure many of you are. But, now that I have been saved and my focus has shifted to pleasing God, serving Christ, having witnessed His power and mercy, I see clearly the truth in what Dr. Chambers has prophesied!
I want my message to be understood plainly! I am by no means pursuing or advocating the use of hatred and violence towards gay men and women. It is completely unholy, not to mention un-Christ-like! (Who is to serve as our our examples for behavior, attitude, emotion, treatment of others and myriad of other things that are Holy-love!) In my mind it seems that I can hear a lot of people say, “How can I love someone so different from myself?” Well, Christ did it! Keep that thought close in your mind, how different you were/are from Christ and yet He loved you enough to die on the cross so through His blood you could be part of His family!
In closing I just want to remind you of what Christ said, “If you love Me keep My Commandments. And My commandment is that you love one another.”20140615-132411-48251017.jpg