How Do I win?

Have you ever been to the preverbal “edge of the cliff”, thought to yourself how easy it would be to slip, maybe even stood there for a few, not that you would ever jump, thinking about the freedom?
Sometimes it even feels like someone is pushing ! Most of the time, I do the best that I can do, but it seems like criticism is my reward! There’s always something that I didn’t do, “just one thing that had I NOT forget to do , one thing that would have made it perfect. So what do you do?
Now before I go any further, I want it to be know that I have self-confidence and self-esteem, but everyone reaches a point where they feel like ” the rope is slipping”!</emDoes anyone out there have any experience in this area or pointers .

My email ( for subject put “Yisrael I think this might help. Facebook bryan.matthews73