For all have come short of the glory of God.

I know that is the case for me! Believe me, I love my God with my whole being, but the unruly human part of me I still have to keep a tight rein on because if I become complacent or take my spiritual eyes off of Christ then I begin to “sink” just like Peter did when he was walking towards Jesus on the water. As long as he was focused on Jesus, I imagine the water beneath his feet was like rock, but Peter began to look around and saw the violence and turmoil of the water and the storm. The Scripture says that he began to sink; notice the wording, he began to sink! Peter didn’t just fall into the water like we do when we jump in, but maybe first up to his ankles, then to his knees, upwards to his chest and then yelled for Jesus to save him. This is a great example, as is the way with God, He uses one thing as a lesson to benefit us over 2000 years later. We don’t just fall back into sin, but if we take our focus off of Christ it won’t take long before we are not talking with God as much (ankles), then we are doing little things that the world does (knees), after that we are almost completely back running with the world (chest). However, unlike Peter who had sense enough to call on the Lord, many times it takes a tragedy and then we are yelling and begging for the Lord to save us. Let’s all say this Psalm to God now:

Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Wash me throughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me.” Psalm 51 1-3

I try to live my life by the Holy Scriptures and sometimes I fall and come short but the grace of God is abundant and the blood of Christ Jesus washes me clean. Remember we ARE NOT PERFECT! The Apostle Paul said he repented daily! God said there was not a righteous man on earth. We have all come short, oh so very short, of the GLORY of The Living GOD! If anyone tells you they are perfect then they lie, because the Bible says, Let all men be liars and God the truth! For it is impossible for God to lie.
This is my confession and prayer:
Our most righteous and eternal God, I am truly sorry for having offended Thee! Your Word says that when we are tempted we are lead astray by our own lust and enticed, and this my Lord is my sins. I know that my sins have stained me black and I ask in Jesus’ name that I be washed in His blood that I might be made white as snow so You can once again look on me. You know each sin that I have committed and it is Your grace, Oh God, that I seek. Your Word also says that if we admit our sins You are true and just to forgive us. This I know is true and I will strive to live according to the teaching left for us in the Holy Scriptures. In Jesus holy name I pray, Amen!