God is not confusing !

The confusion lies in this one thing, humans misunderstand the relationship that is experienced by the redeemed and Christ. A great example is what you quoted, “A loving god wouldn’t ask people he created to turn away from themselves and to supress aspects of their natural desires.” This is very easy to clear up! God… More God is not confusing !

Talk to me Lord!

While reading Matt Moore’s blog the Holy Ghost whispered to me something that I never thought about. He whispered, “Jesus did not hunt (for sport) like people today. Christ was called names and despised because He was different, but the Lord was not come to impress nor give in to social norms for the sake… More Talk to me Lord!

A Christian?

If the images above do not upset, anger, humble, and make you want to pray, then maybe you should ask yourself some serious questions about your walk with Elohim!

Blood Diamonds

The little rock that killed the morals of a nation! DIAMONDS Blood diamonds conflict diamonds have funded devastating civil wars in Africa and still contribute to extreme violence worker exploitation and environmental devastation. The Kimberly process has many limitations and due to those limitations diamonds tainted by human rights abuse are widely sold and verified… More Blood Diamonds


I LOVE YOU ALL, so no matter what you think or feel towards me, let’s put it aside for now. WE SHOULD ALL BE OUTRAGED BY WHAT IS TAKING PLACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST! How small and unimportant, childish and self-centered we all are for not letting go of the petty disagreements we are all… More STOP!!

By: Pastor Joseph Chambers (Copied from PawCreek Ministries.com)

Apostasy in print! The NIV translators make no bones about their distaste for the text that underpins the King James Authorized Version of Holy Scripture. This is the primary difference in all modern versions. The Textus Receptus reflects well over 90% of all manuscripts. This manuscript background was considered primary for all non-Catholic believers from… More By: Pastor Joseph Chambers (Copied from PawCreek Ministries.com)


It’s funny how and when The Lord chooses to open our eyes about something that we may not even have on our minds! For example, today while doing a little cleaning “Evolution” comes to my mind and right along with that God says, “ If evolution were true then why did it stop? It’s a… More Guidance

Hebrew, homosexuality and salvation!

<img src=”https://bryanmatthews38.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/20140622-031600-11760399.jpg&#8221; alt=”20140622-031600-11760399.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” /> When I first was saved a good many years ago I felt like I needed to learn Hebrew because it was the language of my Lord Jesus Christ. Now, I know a lot of people say Jesus spoke Arabic, I say Jesus could have spoken any language that he… More Hebrew, homosexuality and salvation!

If I am reading the Bible then the thoughts that come my head must be from God, right?

Be very assiduous concerning what you write, quoting scripture as your source! And pray that Almighty God gives you wisdom and reveals to you the meaning behind the passage that you read and quote! Be imperturbable of this one thing, Satan knows the Bible better than any preacher, teacher or evangelist and is always listening… More If I am reading the Bible then the thoughts that come my head must be from God, right?

How Do I win?

Have you ever been to the preverbal “edge of the cliff”, thought to yourself how easy it would be to slip, maybe even stood there for a few, not that you would ever jump, thinking about the freedom? Sometimes it even feels like someone is pushing ! Most of the time, I do the best… More How Do I win?


Thank you for this brand new day and help me Lord to do Your will in every possible way. Almighty God in heaven, look down from up above, and guide me in all things I do, that I do in Christian love! Friends I’ve known for years tell me I’m in deep despair, but how… More Today!